This news story was published when our programme was part of the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB). Find out about HSIB legacy.

The new hosting arrangements will come into force in October 2023 as the HSIB becomes a Non-Departmental Public Body established under the Health and Care Act 2022, called the Health Services Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB).

This move will enable high-quality independent family focussed maternity investigations to continue.

The new arrangement with the CQC will ensure the continuation of the maternity programme and maintain the independence of maternity investigations within the NHS.

This is a great opportunity for our maternity programme. Over the last five years the maternity team has made significant strides in improving maternity safety and we are delighted this will continue with the support of the CQC.

— Rosie Benneyworth, Chief Investigator at the HSIB

Over the last five years we have worked tirelessly to ensure families remain central to our investigations and to reassure staff, who take part in our investigations, that we do not seek to find fault or blame.

Our aim is solely to find out why incidents occurred and to make recommendations to help stop similar incidents from happening again in the future.

We are therefore pleased, that our hosting arrangement with the CQC will not impact our core aim or our independence.

— Sandy Lewis, Associate Director of the HSIB maternity investigation programme

We are delighted to welcome the maternity programme and its team of investigators. The programme will be hosted by the CQC and will maintain its independence, while benefitting from the additional support that a large organisation offers.

— Ian Trenholm, CEO of the CQC

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